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Success Story Success Story Å READ FULL STORY GANLEY How they did it: Improved Phone Skills By having every phone call reviewed, deficiencies are identified and remedied. Every alert is an instant "point of error" training opportunity. The doctor, pharmacist, and physical therapist are all wrapped up into one. Diagnosis, treatment, and continuous improvement is empowered by their telephone partner. More Deals Saved Every Month Every phone call is reviewed and a notification of an opportunity to save deals is sent in real-time. Alerts are sent to first respond- ers as an interactive text alert, with the summary of the call, a click -to-call the customer, and a results section for instant updates. Actionable Programs Lead to More Sales Opportunities Ganley Bedford Imports was able to have a micro-campaign started the same Saturday Volkswagen announced a new program. This provided them a huge advantage over other area dealers that didn't have the ability to be proactive and move so quickly. Before the other dealers had lifted a finger to reach customers with this new information, Ganley had reached out to all the most relevant customers. Increased ROI The ROI on their first micro-campaign was 670 percent. The first equity owner loyalty campaign brought 131 buyers through the doors with no work on the sales team's part. The sales team delivered 63 of them for an ROI of 1,155 percent. This is the most cost effective marketing program Ganley is utilizing today. Ganley will continue to utilize micro-campaigns for years to come. Simple and Intuitive The Ganley team got on board quickly. Launching the micro-campaign required less than 20 minutes of Jeremy's time. The complete integration with their CRM means every customer record is correct with all the necessary information needed to make the deal. IN A NUTSHELL Jeremy Eisenberg and Major Harrison III knew they had room to improve their phone skills. In a new partner, they found more than just help with their skills—they found a sales lead-generating machine. Ganley Bedford Imports saved 28 deals in the first month and experienced a 670 percent ROI on their first micro-campaign. Å CONTINUED INSIDE BEST MONTH EVER! HOW GANLEY VW TURNED THE OEM EMISSIONS CRISIS INTO THE DEALERSHIP'S BEST MONTH EVER SUCCESS STORY SUCCESS STORY MAJOR HARRISON III GENERAL SALES MANAGER MAJOR HARRISON III GENERAL SALES MANAGER JEREMY EISENBERG GENERAL MANAGER JEREMY EISENBERG GENERAL MANAGER BEST MONTH EVER! HOW GANLEY VW TURNED THE OEM EMISSIONS CRISIS INTO THE DEALERSHIP'S BEST MONTH EVER JANUARY 2016 · NO 16 "The ability to be first in market helped us turn a crisis into our best month ever!" – Jeremy Eisenberg | GM | Ganley Bedford Imports

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